Who writes Indian history?

Writing in 1937 to the future president of India, Rajendra Prasad, historian Jadunath Sarkar put forth his views on what would constitute a good “national history” for the country.

Who is the first history writer of India?

Kalhana (कल्हण) is regarded as the first historian of India. In 1148 CE, Kalhana started writing the history of the rulers of Kashmir, starting from legends to the kings and queens of the 12th century.

Who writes Indian school history books?

The books criticised were Thapar’s Medieval India and Bipan Chandra’s Modern India, along with two other books, Freedom Struggle by Tripathi, De and Chandra, and Communalism and the Writing of Indian History by Thapar, Mukhia and Chandra. (Only the first two were NCERT textbooks.)

Who is the father of Indian history?

Hi, The father of indian history is Megasthenes due to his pioneering work of recording ethnographic observations which was then compiled into a volume known as INDIKA. He was the first foreign ambassador to India.

Who is famous writer in India?

Coming to the contemporary era, Indian writers are making a mark in not only traditional Indian languages, but in English literature as well. Writers like R. K. Narayan, Vikram Seth, Salman Rushdie, Arundhati Roy, Raja Rao, and Amitav Ghosh are among the more popular writers of the late 20th and early 21st century.

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Who wrote Indian history after independence?

Romila Thapar and the Textbooks of India. It was 1961, and modern-day India was a young country seeking a national identity.

Who wrote NCERT history book?

Ancient India Old NCERT History Textbook By RS Sharma (Paperback, RS Sharma)

Book Ancient India Old NCERT History Textbook By RS Sharma
Author RS Sharma
Binding Paperback
Publishing Date 1999
Publisher NCERT

When was Indian history written?

During the 4th century B. C., Kautilya in his book ‘Arthashastra’ advises the king to dedicate some time for hearing the narrations of history. History was conferred holiness equal to pious Veda, Atharvanaveda, Brahmanas, and Upanishads.

Who is called Mother of India?


Name Nation Title (translation)
Sarojini Naidu (Nightingale of India) India Mother of the Nation
Dame Whina Cooper New Zealand Mother of the Nation
Miss. Fatima Jinnah Pakistan Mother of the Nation/Leader of Pakistani Women Rights
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela South Africa Mother of the Nation

Who invented geometry in India?

But Indian mathematician Bhāskara had already discovered many of Leibniz’s ideas over 500 years earlier. Bhāskara, also made major contributions to algebra, arithmetic, geometry and trigonometry.

Who is the real father of history?

Herodotus has been called the “father of history.” An engaging narrator with a deep interest in the customs of the people he described, he remains the leading source of original historical information not only for Greece between 550 and 479 BCE but also for much of western Asia and Egypt at that time.

Who is the richest author in India?

Chetan Bhagat Net Worth

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Name Chetan Bhagat
Net Worth (2022) $28 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees 208 Crore INR
Profession Indian author and columnist
Monthly Income And Salary 1.5 Crore +

Who is the youngest author in India?

An 11-year-old girl named Adeeba Riyaz from Anantnag in South Kashmir has become the youngest author from the Union Territory to publish her book, Zeal of Pen. She wrote the book in 11 days. Adeeba is a student of class seven.

Who are the top 5 best authors?


  • William Shakespeare — 11.
  • William Faulkner — 6.
  • Henry James — 6.
  • Jane Austen — 5.
  • Charles Dickens — 5.
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky — 5.
  • Ernest Hemingway — 5.
  • Franz Kafka — 5.