Who is John Abraham role in Mumbai saga?

Who is John Abraham character in Mumbai Saga?

Set in the 80s and the 90s, Mumbai Saga shows changing faces of Mumbai people by closing mills to make malls and high rise buildings. In the lead, we have John Abraham as Amartya Rao, who is hell-bent on fighting crime on his own, betting it all on his vermillion tikka to protect him from any evil.

Who are the real life characters in Mumbai Saga?

The movie story of “Mumbai Saga” is based on the real-life of Mumbai’s Biggest gangster Amartya Rao as John Abraham and a most popular Police Officer Vijay Savarkar as Emraan Hashmi.

Who is real life BHAU in Mumbai Saga?

He is named Bhau, is played by Mahesh Manjrekar and closely resembles a certain nativist politician who propagated the Marathi cause. Bhau is the mentor of Amartya Rao (John Abraham), a vegetable seller who trades tomatoes for guns when the reigning don Gaitonde (Amole Gupte) threatens his younger brother Arjun.

Who is the mill owner in Mumbai Saga?

Mumbai Saga is the latest film to depict the Great Bombay Textile Strike of 1982 in which almost 250,000 mill workers from 65 textile mills participated. The movement was led by the trade unionist Datta Samant.

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Who is the gangster in Mumbai Saga?

The upcoming crime drama Mumbai Saga is depicting the story of one of the most dreaded gangsters of his time Amartya Rao. The gangster was also known as DK Rao had a number of files with numerous files. Amartya Rao was born in Mumbai Chawls.

Who is Amartya Rao based on?

Amartya Rao is a character role played by John Abraham in the Mumbai Saga movie been inspired by the DK Rao real-life gangster of Mumbai Underworld. In this, a police officer who wanted to stop the crime and also we saw a fight between Amartya Rao and Vijay Savarkar.

Who is Amartya Rao brother?

Along with them, Prateik Babbar has given a terrific performance as Amartya’s younger brother Arjun. As of now, it is being assumed that the character of John Abraham is based on the robber and gangster DK Rao.

Is Mumbai Saga a hit or flop?

Mumbai Saga: Box Office Budget, Cast And Crew, Hit Or Flop, Posters, Story And Wiki

Mumbai Saga
Production Budget 50.00 Crore
Worldwide Collection 22.29 Crore
Running Time 2 hrs 5 minute
Hit/Flop Flop

Where is Amartya Rao?

Now you might be thinking that did Amartya died in real life but the answer is he was one of the most savage criminals in the history of India. He managed to survive about three encounters faced by the Mumbai police and is currently living in jail.

Who is DK Rao?

Ravi Mallesh Vora aka DK Rao has spent nearly 23 years behind bars. He was released from prison in July 2016 but was again arrested in October 2017 on charges of seeking a ransom from a builder. The police previously knew him by the name of Ravi Mallesh.

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Who is Amartya Rao Naik?

Amar Naik Wikipedia

He was a local vegetable vendor who later joined the Mafia world of Mumbai. He was the son of Rama Naik and the Elder brother of Ashwin Naik. Amar Naik was linked with Dawood Ibrahim, Arun Gawli, Chota Rajan, etc. Amar Naik was killed in an encounter on 10 July 1996.

What is the story behind Mumbai Saga?

MUMBAI SAGA is the story of a gangster and his rivalry with a cop. In the mid-80s, Amartya Rao (John Abraham) lives with his family, comprising of his father (Rajendra Gupta), brother Arjun (Harsh Sharma) and wife Seema (Kajal Aggarwal) in Mumbai.

Which mill owner died in Mumbai?

Sunit Khatau was an Indian billionaire industrialist and chairman and managing director of the Khatau Fabrics Group. He was shot dead in Mumbai by Indian Gangsters on 7 May 1994 over dispute about sale of land of the mill.