Which Indian plants are endangered?

How many plants are endangered in India?

Out of the 387 Indian plants listed under the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List, 77 have been enlisted as ‘critically endangered’, six are ‘extinct’ and two are ‘extinct’ in the wild.

What are 5 endangered plants?

5 of the World’s Rarest and Most Endangered Plants

  • Western Underground Orchid. This is truly a weird one: a plant that spends its entire life living underground. …
  • Pitcher plant. If you’ve never seen a pitcher plant before, you might be a little shocked by its appearance. …
  • Jellyfish tree. …
  • Corpse flower. …
  • Wood’s cycad.

Which plant is endangered?


Scientific Name Common Name Federal Listing Status
Ambrosia pumila San Diego ambrosia Endangered
Amorpha crenulata Crenulate lead-plant Endangered
Amphianthus pusillus Little amphianthus Threatened
Amsinckia grandiflora Large-flowered fiddleneck Endangered

What are the 10 most endangered plants?

Endangered Plants

  • Callirhoe scabriuscula (Texas poppymallow)
  • Croton alabamensis var. …
  • Dalea reverchonii (Comanche Peak prairie clover)
  • Helianthus paradoxus (puzzle sunflower)
  • Quercus hinckleyi (Hinckley oak)
  • Salvia penstemonoides (big red sage)
  • Streptanthus bracteatus (bracted twistflower)
  • Styrax platanifolius ssp.

Which plant is only found in India?

Rare Native Plants Of India

Rare Native Plants of India Scientific Name
Bird’s Foot Lotus corniculatus
Assam Catkin Yew Amentotaxus assamica
Malabar Lily Chlorophytum malabaricum
Musli Chlorophytum tuberosum
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Which is rare plants in India?

Endangered Plants in India

Plant Also Known As Region (Status)
Polygala irregularis Milkwort Gujarat (rare)
Lotus corniculatus Bird’s foot Gujarat (rare)
Amentotaxus assamica Assam catkin yew Arunachal Pradesh (threatened)
Psilotum nudum Moa, skeleton, fork fern, and whisk fern Karnataka (rare)

Are roses endangered?

Up to half of the world’s 1,200 woody bamboo species are in danger of extinction, a UN report has revealed. Urgent action is needed to protect the plants and the species that depend on them, the study? s authors conclude. Deforestation is known to be robbing many bamboo species of their native habitat.

Is Cactus endangered?

Rafflesia: This flower has leather-like petals and a scent that earned it the nickname of “corpse flower.” Raffelsia grows only in southeastern Asia, where it’s endangered due to the logging activity and land-clearing occurring in its habitat.

Are turtles endangered?

The species that are critically endangered under criteria A are Acer caesium, Betula utilis, Cedrus deodara, Opuntia dilleni, Paeonia emodi, Pistacea integerrima, Skimmia laureola and Taxus wallichiana among plant species while Alectoris chukar, Lophophorus impejanus, Lophura leucomelana and Pucrasia macrolopha among …