Where is the French part of India?

Which part of India is French?

Today, Pondicherry still has a community of French people living in the city and French is also an official language. There are 6,500 French people registered in South India, and of these about 5,500 are in Pondicherry.

Where is the French Quarter in India?

Pondicherry is a bustling town now and resembles all metropolitan cities. The French Quarter or White Town area is the part located close to the seaside promenade facing Bay of Bengal. Delightfully coloured houses pop up at every few minutes when you are walking in the French area Pondicherry.

Which areas of India were under French rule?

As a result, the jurisdiction of Pondicherry extended to Chandernagore in Bengal, Karaikal and Yanam on the east coast and Mahe on the west coast. 7 These five enclaves are now collectively referred to as the former French territories of India.

Did the French occupy India?

The French were late by six decades in India. As with other European colonists — British and the Dutch, the French too started their colonisation through commercial activities. … The French settlement in India began in 1673 with the purchase of land at Chandernagore from the Mughal Governor of Bengal.

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Does India speak French?

French-speaking region in India

There is also an Indian French spoken by Indians in former colonies of Mahe, Pondicherry, Karaikal, Chandernagore, and Yanam in Southern India.

Is Pondicherry under French rule?

When the British gained control of the whole of India in the late 1850s, they allowed the French to retain their settlements in the country. Pondicherry, Mahe, Yanam, Karaikal and Chandernagar remained a part of French India until 1954.

How is Pondicherry associated with the French culture?

Even today, Puducherry houses a medium-sized community of French, and French is included as a functionary language of Government of Puducherry. Furthermore, there are about 6,500 French people cross-filed in Southern part of India, and out of them about 5,500 are living in the union territory of Puducherry.

Why is French spoken in Pondicherry?

With its capital city based at Pondicherry, this Union Territory covers a total area of 492 sq. km. Since, the place was a French colony in the earlier days, it is famously known as the “French Riviera of the East”. Thus, the language of French as well as English is a known language to many of the locals.