Quick Answer: Which place is known as Mecca of football in Indian *?

The correct answer is Kolkata. The people of Kolkata are the most passionate fans of football in India. This is the reason Kolkata is known as the “Mecca of Indian Football”.

Which place is known as the football in India?

Kolkata is known to be the hub of Indian football with the two most supported teams in the country being based within the city – Mohun Bagan and SC East Bengal.

Where is the mecca of football?

Camp Nou, the home stadium of FC Barcelona, is Europe’s largest and the world’s fourth biggest football stadium.

Which place in Kerala is known as Mecca of football?


Areekode Areacode
Country India
State Kerala
District Malappuram

Which place is known as Mecca of Indian hockey Mcq?

Sansarpur, near Jalandhar Cantonment, is the one village of Punjab that strikes the right chord when it comes to being a contender for title ‘the cradle of Indian hockey’.

Where was football first played in India?

The Durand Cup, first held in Shimla in 1888, was the first Indian football competition and is incidentally the third oldest surviving competition the World over. It was started by Sir Mortimer Durand. In the 1940s “Aurora Football Club” the second oldest club in southern India was formed in Kerala.

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