Question: Is it easy to get a driver’s license in India?

The procedure to apply for a driving license in India is very simple and straightforward. The steps given below will help you understand how to apply for a driving license offline. After completing the form, the applicant can submit it online by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the form.

How long does it take to get a DL in India?

Timeframe of getting a driving license

After getting a learners’ license, an individual can apply for a permanent driving license after a period of 30 days. A person can apply for a permanent driving license within a period of 180 days from the issuance of the learners’ license.

Is driving test in India hard?

Conclusion | Driving License Test

When you look at it, a driving license test isn’t difficult to pass. It’s the smaller details and the fundamentals that are going to decide your driving license’s fate at the RTO.

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How can I get driving license in India?

To apply for a driving license the below given procedure applies.

  1. Go to the portal.
  2. Select your state.
  3. Select the Driving License option.
  4. Fill in the application.
  5. Upload the documents.
  6. Book a slot for driving test.
  7. Pay the fees.
  8. Verify the payment status.

Can a foreigner get a driver’s licence in India?

Procedure to Obtain a Driving Licence in India as a Foreigner. If a foreigner wants to use the driving licence of his or her country of residence, he or she cannot do so as the government of India does not allow the operation of foreign licences in India.

Can a 16 year old drive a car in India?

After getting a learner’s licence, you will be allowed to practice driving on Indian roads provided you are accompanied/supervised by a person holding a valid driving licence. You can apply for this type of licence only by the age of 16.

Can I drive alone with learners license in India?

Learner drivers can only drive the motor training school’s vehicle under the supervision of a trained driver with a permanent driving licence. The offence of a learner who drives alone or drives a private car is akin to that of one who drives without a licence. Driving without a licence attracts a penalty of Rs 450.

Do people fail driving test in India?

The lack of confidence and lack of skills are the main reasons that many people fail at the test. Also, candidates must have a good knowledge of signals, signs and rules. Avoid stalling the vehicle during the test.

How many people fail their driving test India?

“Of the 596 people taking the test for permanent driving licence since September 1, only 320 succeeded whereas 276 of them failed.

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How do I pass my driving test first time?

15 Driving test tips to help you pass first time

  1. Be on time.
  2. Have a lesson beforehand.
  3. Check you have everything you need.
  4. Use your instructor’s car.
  5. Take your instructor along for reassurance.
  6. Ask your examiner to repeat, if you need.
  7. Don’t assume you’ve failed.
  8. Choose where you want to take your test.

What happens after passing driving test?

Short answer – after you pass your driving test, that’s it. You’re done. Your examiner will give you a pass certificate, and they’ll ask you if you want your full licence to be sent to you automatically. If you want to receive your licence automatically, you’ll have to give your examiner your provisional licence.

Is driving license required to buy a car in India?

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, in India, a driving licence is not a mandatory document in order to buy a motor policy. You can purchase a vehicle for yourself or your family even if you don’t have a driving licence, and keep a chauffer for your needs, and also buy a motor insurance cover.

Can I drive immediately after passing my test in India?

Don’t worry about the wait, though—you can legally drive independently as soon as you’ve passed your driving test. All of this means that you’re free to hit the road straight from the test centre! However, there are some good reasons why you may want to give it a miss.

Is it safe to drive in India?

India is generally considered to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world in which to drive. In 2007, more than 130,000 people died on the roads in India, though the number should be weighed against the large population of the country.

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In which country I can drive car with Indian license?

10 Countries That Allow You to Drive with an Indian Driving…

  • Australia. Australia is fast emerging as one of the go-to destinations for Indians, whether it is for further studies, job opportunities or just on holiday. …
  • New Zealand. …
  • Switzerland. …
  • France. …
  • South Africa. …
  • United States of America. …
  • United Kingdom. …
  • Germany.

Can I drive in Dubai with Indian license?

You cannot drive in the UAE with a regular Indian licence but if you have a valid international Indian driving licence you can drive in the UAE.