Question: Does Bangalore have the worst traffic in the world?

Bengaluru ranked sixth, and is second in the country after Mumbai, on the TomTom Traffic Index released on Wednesday. The report details the traffic situation in 2020 in over 400 cities in 57 countries. The city with the worst traffic congestion was Moscow, followed by Mumbai, Bogota, Manila, Istanbul and Bengaluru.

Who has the worst traffic in the world?

Globally, Bogota, Colombia, was the worst, where drivers wasted 133 hours of their lives to congestion in 2020.

What is the city with the worst traffic in the world?

As global traffic starts to recover from pandemic lockdowns earlier this year, London has emerged as the most congested city in the world. According to transportation analytics firm Inrix Inc., the city has the worst levels of traffic among more than 1,000 selected across 50 countries.

Which city has worst traffic in India?

In 2019, Bengaluru topped the list among all the cities across the globe while Mumbai, Pune and Delhi came 4th, 5th and 8th, respectively. The tenth edition of the global traffic index released on Wednesday said the overall congestion level in Mumbai was 53%, which was 12% less than that of 2019.

Which city has the worst traffic 2021?

New York City topped the list of most congested metro areas. New Yorkers lost an average of 102 hours in traffic in 2021.

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Which city has the best traffic?

Best & Worst Cities to Drive in

Overall Rank City Traffic & Infrastructure
1 Raleigh, NC 38
2 Lincoln, NE 26
3 Greensboro, NC 34
4 Winston-Salem, NC 23