In which hemisphere does India lie with reference?

India lies in the Northern hemisphere, with the mainland extending between latitudes 8°4’N and 37°6’N and longitudes 68°7’E and 97°25’E.

In which hemisphere does India lie?

India is a vast country. Lying entirely in the Northern hemisphere (Figure 1.1) the main land extends between latitudes 8°4’N and 37°6’N and longitudes 68°7’E and 97°25’E.

In which hemisphere does India lie with reference to Prime Meridian mention the value of the standard meridian of India?

India lies in the Eastern hemisphere with reference to its prime meridian. The 82° 30′ East Longitude is taken as the Prime Meridian or Standard Time Meridian of India and it passes through the middle of India (Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh). India is one of the huge countries of the world.

What lies to the west of India?

The Arabian Sea lies to the west of India, the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean lie to the east and south, respectively.

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In which hemisphere India is located Southern Hemisphere Northern Hemisphere Eastern Hemisphere Western Hemisphere?

Answer: India is located latitudinally in the Northern Hemisphere and longitudinally in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Which hemisphere does India lies <UNK> Southern northern Eastern Western and northern Western and Southern?

a. Northern and Eastern – The Indian Territory does not extend beyond the equator, so it is in the Northern Hemisphere. Also, since India lies in Asia, which is in the Eastern Hemisphere, so India also lies in the Eastern hemisphere. So, it is the correct option.

Does India lie in the temperate zone?

While the northern part of India lies in the temperate zone, the southern part of India lies in the torrid zone.

Which way is the northern hemisphere?

All locations on Earth that are north of the equator are in​ the Northern Hemisphere. This includes all of North America and Europe along with most of Asia, northern South America, and northern Africa. All points on Earth that are south of the equator are in the Southern Hemisphere.

What lies in the east of India?

Bangladesh lies in the East of India

India shares it border with 7 countries. It has Pakistan on the north-west side and China, Nepal ad Bhutan on the North side.

Which country lies to the north-west of India?

India shares its border with seven countries- Afghanistan and Pakistan to the north-west, China, Bhutan and Nepal to the north, Myanmar to the far East and Bangladesh to the east.

Which lies on the south west side of India?

lakshadweep is the island group of India to lies to its South West.

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