Frequent question: Why Chennai airport is silent airport?

This was done in an effort to enhance efficiency in serving travellers, authorities said and added that as part of initiative, the airport had made arrangements for information through digital displays. “This is a silent airport. No boarding announcements will be made.

Why Chennai airport is silent?

The initiative to change the domestic terminal in Chennai into silent airports is due to the increasing level of noise pollution at the airport terminals, reported Times of India. The decision will come into force from May 1.

Why are airports going silent?

To make travel less stressful, airports have reduced background noise by cutting all loudspeaker announcements apart for emergencies. While this makes for a peaceful, serene experience for passengers, it also means you won’t receive a final boarding call, unless, in some cases, you’re at the gate.

Is Chennai airport a silent airport?

Chennai now joins the list of “silent airports”, including Delhi and Mumbai. According to Airports Authorities of India (AAI), airlines will notify any change in timings, and baggage delivery belts through SMS.

What is silent airport?

Silent airports are those that are trying to cut down on the amount of background noise in terminals. London City and Bristol airports, both in the UK, are among a handful of airports worldwide that have stopped making announcements over the speakers to reduce noise.

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Which is silent airport in India?

Official sources said that the Surat airport will have not have boarding announcements starting from January 15. Sources said that the airports like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are silent airports where there are no announcements for boarding.

Is Hyderabad a silent airport?

After Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, Chennai has been declared as silent airport. But officials at other airports say no separate provisions for the visually-challenged are available.

Why is Dubai a silent airport?

The ‘silent airport’ project was designed to dramatically curtail the number of public announcements and while we previously had 2000 announcements per day, there has been a 70% reduction since the initiative was started, with 600 daily announcements now in place.

Is Pune a silent airport?

Officials at the Pune Airport said, “From January 10, Pune Airport will be a silent airport. Regular announcements of departure and arrival of flights will be stopped to reduce noise.” … Regular announcements of departure and arrival of flights will be stopped to reduce noise.”

Is Bangalore airport a silent airport?

Silent airports are those where no boarding announcements are made. Instead, airlines communicate about security checks, baggage delivery, flight details and boarding via SMS. “The Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, is a silent airport.