Why Kolkata get more rainfall than Delhi?

Why Kolkata get heavier rain than Delhi?

Kolkata gets heavier downpour than Lucknow on the grounds that the Bay of the Bengal branch of the South-West Rainstorm progresses North-Eastward, subsequent to picking dampness from the Bay of Bengal. … Kolkata is in the lower Ganga Valley. The precipitation continues diminishing as it proceeds through the Ganga Valley.

Why Kolkata receives more rain than Varanasi?

During the monsoon, there is a decrease in rainfall as one goes from east to west. As Kolkata lies to the east of Lucknow, the former receives heavier rainfall than the latter.

Why does Kolkata receive so much rain in the summer?

Rains brought by the Bay of Bengal branch of South-West monsoon lash the city between June and September and supplies the city with most of its annual rainfall of 1,582 mm (62.3 inches).

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Why does it rain in Kolkata?

The city has tropical wet-and-dry climate and is struck by heavy rains and also dusty squalls during its monsoons that are followed by thunderstorms or hailstorms, bringing cooling relief from the prevailing humidity. Kolkata gets its annual rainfall in July and August and has been hit by cyclones a number of times.

Does Kolkata receive more rainfall than Patna?

North eastern India receives abundant rainfall from South West Monsoon winds because of the presence of hills and mountains int he region. … So Kolkata receives heavier rainfall than Patna and Patna receives heavier rainfall than Delhi.

Why Kolkata is warmer than Kanpur in December?

Kolkata is situated nearer the sea i.e, it is under the influence of land and sea breeze . Therefore , it experiences an equable climate where kanpur experiences extreme type of climate . This is the reason why Kolkata is warmer than kanpur in December .

Why Patna gets more rain than Varanasi?

(i) Patna gets heavier rainfall than Varanasi because as the S.W. Monsoon Bay of Bengal current advances towards N.W. amount of rainfall decreases. (ii) The Arabian sea branch of the South West Monsoon does not shed any moisture in western Rajasthan as Aravallis are parallel to the direction of the winds.

Why does Patna receives more rainfall than Lucknow?

☆Patna receives more rainfall than lucknow. because of the southwest monsoons which pours more rainfall in the eastern parts and they move towards west their moisture content declines.

Why does Patna receive more rain than Varanasi?

The Bay of Bengal branch which brings rainfall to the north eastern states due to the presence of mountain ranges sheds its moisture as it travels towards the west. … Since Patna lies in the lower Ganga valley and Varanasi lies further west of Patna, it rains more in Patna than in Varanasi.

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Why does Kolkata get heavier rain than Lucknow?

Kolkata receives heavier rain than Lucknow because of the reason behind the closeness of Bay of Bengal. … The Southwest monsoon winds bring heavy rainfall in Kolkata which is located on the eastern coast. On the contrary, Lucknow has continental type climate and North East Monsoon winds reach late in this area.

Why Kolkata has a little rain in April?

Due to comparative cooling and heating process the land gets heated faster than the ocean. Bay of Bengal remains comparatively cooler during March and April. So the moisture comes from the bay are not enough to saturate the air.

Is snowfall possible in Kolkata?

A frigid zone in the midst of the city – that’s the latest addition to the city’s burgeoning family entertainment spots. Located on the top floor of Axis Mall, New Town, this is an ideal place for outing with friends and family. Visitors to the park can even experience sudden snowfall.

Why there is so much rain in West Bengal?

“The disparity is because monsoon has been vigorous of late in south Bengal. Back-to-back cyclonic circulations are developing over the Bay of Bengal, which on intensifying and approaching the coast, are triggering intense spells of rain,” said a senior official from the meteorological department.

Will it rain heavily in Kolkata today?

Today’s Weather

It will be dry with no precipitation and cloud covering 4% of the sky, the humidity will be around 40%.

When it will rain in Kolkata?

2 Week Extended Forecast in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

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Conditions Precipitation
Day Temperature Chance
Sat Mar 12 93 / 73 °F 3%
Sun Mar 13 94 / 73 °F 1%
Mon Mar 14 94 / 74 °F 2%