Why is Delhi warmer than Chennai in summer?

The main reason why this happen is because Chennai is located near a sea shore and Delhi has no water around it.

Why Delhi has a higher range of temperature than Chennai?

Answer: Delhi is located in the inward of India whereas Mumbai is located in a coastal area. There is continuous flow of sea breeze and land breeze throughout the year, so that the hot or cold air does not remain for long.

Why is Delhi so hot in summer?

Delhi experiences a long, very hot summer which begins in early March when the winds change direction from the northwest to become southwesterly. These winds bring hot air from the Rajasthan desert region. A characteristic of the Delhi summer is the loo, a wind that deposits sand carried from the desert.

Is Chennai or Delhi more hot?

“How hot it feels is different in different locations,” pointed out K Srikanth, a weather blogger who blogs about Chennai Rains. “For example, a 35°C with 70 percent humidity in Chennai feels hotter than 42°C with 50 percent humidity in New Delhi”.

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Why is Delhi colder than Chennai?

Delhi is situated far away from the sea while Chennai is near to the sea. Temperature of a place is influenced by the distance it is located from the sea. Delhi is located far away,so if a place is located far from the sea then it faces extreme climate. Hot during summers and cold during winters.

Why is Delhi hotter than Chennai during summer and colder than Chennai during winter?

The main reason is that Chennai is a coastal station whereas Delhi is an interior place. Usually coastal stations will have a moderate climate throughout the year as sea surface absorbes heat slowly and also loses the heat slowly(specific heat of water is more) which influences the adjacent land temperature.

Why is temperature over Delhi more than Mumbai?

Delhi is in the interior of India where the moderating influence of the sea is absent. Mumbai on the other hand lies closer to the sea. Hence the annual range of temperature in Delhi is more than the annual range of temperature in Mumbai.

Are Delhi summers dry?

For most of its summer season, Delhi has a semi-arid climate. Coming from Spring, the city witnesses a spurt in day temperature around early April, whereas nights still remain pleasant. By the latter part of April or during early May, maximum temperatures exceed 40 °C (104 °F) while the ambience remains very dry.

Why Delhi is called a mini India?

Delhi is called mini India due to following facts

In Delhi, people belonging to all religions, cultures, and ethnicities come from all over India and interact with each other. It is the metropolitan city of the country where people get jobs and all other benefits.

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Why Delhi is too hot or too cold?

Delhi has very hot summer and cold winters. Since Delhi lies in the interior part of the country and is away from the moderating influence of seas, it experiences extreme temperatures. That is why Delhi is very hot in summers and very cold in winters.

Why is Chennai more humid than Delhi?

Chennai lies on thermal equator and near the coast. The coastal areas have more humidity whereas Delhi lies in the northern part of India which is away from coastal plains. This prove that Chennai is humid than Delhi.

Why is Delhi warmer than Chennai in May?

Whereas Delhi is far from moderating effect of the sea and thus experience continental type of climate hence much hotter.

Why does it sweat a lot in Chennai?

Anyone who has spent a summer in Chennai knows we also tend to sweat a lot in Chennai which is due to the presence of humidity (presence of water vapour in air).

Why does Chennai remain cool even during summer?

Explanation: The Chennai is situated in the coastal areas of our country and that’s why the allover temperature remains normal in the summer seasons also. Because,the cool breeze which comes from the ocean region , works as a coolant substance and the temperature remains normal even in the summer months.

Why is Chennai warmer than Delhi in December?

Explanation: Chennai is located near the sea coast. Thus it experiences a maritime climate, i.e. less difference in annual range of temperature. … Therefore, Chennai is warmer in December than Delhi.

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Why Chennai is not cold even in the month of December?

The main reason for temperature not falling in cities like Mumbai and Chennai are they are nearer to sea bodies, which make them coastal areas.