What is emergency certificate in India?

An Emergency Certificate (EC) is a one way travel document which authorises an Indian national to enter India and to whom a new passport cannot be issued immediately. This may be the case of lost/stolen/damaged/expired Indian passport.

What is emergency certificate for Indian passport?

Emergency Certificate is a one-way travel document that authorizes an Indian citizen to enter India in an emergency. Emergency Certificate is issued to individuals who have lost their passports; their passports have been stolen or damaged.

What is emergency certificate passport?

An EC is a one-way travel document valid only for the return trip back to India and is issued after the High Commission is satisfied on the bona-fides of the applicant.

How long does it take to get an emergency travel certificate to India?

Processing Time: Grant of EC is dependent on confirmation of passport particulars and Indian nationality of the applicant. If both things are confirmed at the level of Consulate, EC would be issued within 1 working days or in case of extreme emergency it can be issued same day.

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How can I get emergency passport in India?

How to apply for Tatkaal Passport?

  1. Register yourself on the official portal of Passport Seva.
  2. Login with your ID and password.
  3. You will be presented with two options- Fresh and Re-Issue. …
  4. Select ‘Tatkaal’ option in the scheme type.
  5. Download the application form and fill the form.
  6. Submit the form online.

Can I travel with expired Indian passport?

No. As long as the passport has not expired, you can travel to India.

Consulate General of India. Toronto, Canada.

Passport printable address Other address on form
Applicant has a work permit/PR Canadian address Indian address

What is emergency certificate in hospital?

Emergency Certificate: It should clearly indicate the diagnosis / cause for Emergency Admission and should have the hospital stamp with the name of the treating specialist / Consultant and his / her designation or the authorised signatory (with his / her name and designation).

How do I get an emergency visa for India?


  1. Apply online. Upload Photo and Passport Page.
  2. Pay eVisa fee online. Using Credit / Debit card / Payment Wallet.
  3. Receive ETA Online. Electronic Travel Authorization/ETA Will be sent to your e-mail.
  4. Fly To India. Print ETA and present at Immigration Check Post where eVisa will be stamped on passport.

Can I travel back to India with expired visa?

Know the rules: never travel with an expired tourist visa

Travelers: You must never attempt to go to a foreign country with an expired tourist visa. That is unless you want a nightmare trip too!

Can I visit India with travel document?

You’ll only need to present a valid passport and your OCI card. For more information, visit the website of the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs. The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs has issued new guidelines permitting all OCI and PIO cardholders to visit India.

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What is emergency travel documents?

British emergency passports (also known as Emergency Travel Documents (ETD)) are issued by British diplomatic posts to British nationals and unrepresented Commonwealth citizens for the purpose of urgent travel overseas with a maximum validity of one year.

How can I get exit permit in India?

An exit visa is obtained by going to the local Foreigners Regional Registration Office, no more than seven days before flying, with the following documents:

  1. Copy of the exit permission application form.
  2. Child’s birth certificate.
  3. Copy of both parents’ passport and visa.
  4. Copy of the child’s passport.

How long does it take for an emergency passport?

How long it will take. Your emergency travel document will normally be ready 2 working days after you apply. It may take longer because of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Can I get a emergency passport?

You can apply for an emergency travel document if all the following apply: you’re a British national. you’re outside the UK. your passport has been lost, stolen, damaged, is full, has recently expired or is with HM Passport Office or a foreign embassy.

Who is eligible for tatkal passport?

All you need to know about applying for a passport under the ‘Tatkaal scheme’.

Age of the applicant Number of pages in passport
Below 15 years 36 pages
Between 15-18 years (validity till applicant reaches 18 years) 36 pages
Between 15-18 years (10 year validity) 36 pages
Between 15-18 years (10 year validity) 60 pages