Is Mumbai or Delhi more hot?

Delhi being North of Mumbai gets more Sun during these months. Because of the strong sun, the environment, and the air around Delhi and other Northern states becomes warmer and lighter and rises up creating a low-pressure area that is filled in by the winds from the west, ie, the Thar Desert in Rajasthan.

Is Delhi hotter than Mumbai?

The humidity level in Mumbai is higher than Delhi so, it is both hot and sweaty. Mumbai feels ok at 33 deg.

Is Delhi cooler than Mumbai?

Delhi is colder than Mumbai because Delhi is situated in North India near of Himalayan region whereas Mumbai is situated near Arabian Sea.

Why is Delhi warmer than Mumbai?

During the summer months the sun shines brighter on the northern latitudes. Delhi being North of Mumbai gets more Sun during these months. Because of strong sun the environment and the air around Delhi {and other Northern states) because warmer and lighter.

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Why is Mumbai cooler in Delhi than summer?


Is Mumbai hot in May?

In May, the warmest month of the year, the weather in Mumbai is usually very hot. The average temperature is of 30.2 °C (86 °F), with a minimum of 26.7 °C (80.1 °F) and a maximum of 33.8 °C (92.8 °F).

Does Mumbai have winter?

Mumbai experiences three distinct seasons: 1. Winter (October to February) winter temperature 15 to 20°C Peak Winter Months – Dec to Mid Feb with temperature range 12–19 °C; 2.

Why Mumbai is not cold in winter?

Because both the cities are located near coastal areas, they experience the continental climate. The breeze blows over the sea and land, as a result these cities experience less severe summer and winter.

Why is Delhi hotter than Mumbai Aur Chennai?

The cities like Mumbai which are located closer to water bodies experience cooling effect of the sea due to the phenomena of land and sea breeze. Since, New Delhi is located far from sea, therefore it does not have this advantage. Therefore, New Delhi is warmer than Mumbai even in summer.

Why Delhi is colder than Mumbai in December?

Mumbai has an equable climate due to coastal location, while Delhi is an inland town. The presence of land and sea breezes keep the nights warm at Mumbai.

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Why is Delhi so hot?

Delhi’s proximity to the Thar Desert results in hot, dry continental winds, called loo, at times blowing all across from the West Asian mainland, making the days feel hotter. These winds, blowing over from vast land stretches, are very hot and dry.

Is December cold in Delhi?

Climate. Delhi’s has an extreme climate. It is very hot in summer (April – July) and cold in winter (December – January). The average temperature can vary from 25oC to 45oC during the summer and 22oC to 5oC during the winter.

Which city will cool down faster in the evening New Delhi or Mumbai?

The cold wave from the north make the winters in Delhi much colder. That’s why Delhi’s winter is very cold. Now Mumbai is a coastal city and it is situated very from the Himalaya. The Cold wind from the north has very little effect as the warm air from the Arabian Sea reduce the coolness of the northern Coldwind.

Why is Shimla cooler than Mumbai?

Shimla and Ludhiana lie on the same latitude but Shimla is cooler than Ludhiana because Shimla is located at a higher altitude, i.e. at 2205 m above the sea level while Ludhiana is only 244 m above the sea level. … Therefore, Mumbai, located on the west coast has a much less annual range of temperature than Nagpur.

Which is the coldest place in India?

Cold wave: List of coldest places in India right now

  • Dras (Ladakh): Dras saw an intensely cold night as the minimum temperature was at minus 17 degrees Celsius on Friday.
  • Pahalgam (Jammu and Kashmir): The mountain resort recorded a minimum temperature of minus 13 degrees Celsius on Friday night, according to IMD.
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Why is Shimla is cooler than Delhi?

Shimla is cooler than Delhi in summer as it is located at a higher altitude than that of Delhi. Thus due to Normal Lapse Rate Shimla enjoys a cooler climate than Delhi.