How can I plan a budget to Maldives from India?

How much does Maldives trip cost from India?

Maldives Trip Cost from India

Maldives Tour Packages from India No. of Days Price #
Maldives Paradise Island Resort 3 Nights & 4 Days Rs.45,690
Cinnamon Elaidhoo Maldives Package 3 Nights & 4 Days Rs.59,450
Bandos Maldives Resort 3 Nights & 4 Days Rs.64,250
Makunudu Island Resort 4 Nights & 5 Days Rs.41,999

How much does it cost to go to Maldives for a week from India?


Maldives Tour Package Nights/Days Price
Maldives Gateway with Saii Lagoon Maldives 3N/4D Rs 56,190/-
Maldives Best Seller with Makunudu Island Resort 4N/5D Rs 66,300/-
Best of Maldives with Fihalhohi Island Resort 4N/5D Rs 77,330/-
Varu by Atmosphere Maldives 4N/5D Rs 81,350/-

What is the minimum budget for Maldives?

You should plan to spend around MVR3,698 ($239) per day on your vacation in the Maldives, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, MVR964 ($62) on meals for one day and MVR1,712 ($111) on local transportation.

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How do I plan a budget in Maldives?

How much does it cost to travel the Maldives on a budget? As little as $50 a day. As a budget traveler, you can expect to spend $30 a day on a private room in a guesthouse; $10 a day on food; and $10 a day on activities.

Which is better Maldives or Goa?

For us Goa is better because you get the best of both worlds lovely beaches to laze on when you want to but loads of things to see and do when you have had enough of the sun, sea and sand. Also Maldives is very expensive and Goa is sooooo much cheaper. Whatever you decide to do have a great time.

Is Maldives cheaper than India?

Maldives is 3.1 times more expensive than India.

Do Indians need visa for Maldives?

✓ Will I need to carry a visa when travelling to Maldives? No, an Indian Passport holder does not need to carry a visa when travelling to Maldives. It will be issued once you reach the country. No, an Indian Passport holder does not need to carry a visa when travelling to Maldives.

Is Indian currency accepted in Maldives?

indian currency is not accepted. the going currency is the united states dollar for anything. Any food and drink you buy will be subject to a 10% service charge and a general sales tax of 6%. Next year the GST will rise to 8%.

How much cash should I bring to Maldives?

Maldives Customs Services announced that, effective 17th January 2021, cash values of USD 10,000 or more, or its equivalent, in either Maldivian Rufiyaa or as foreign currency, must be declared to Customs at the point of entry.

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How much does Maldives honeymoon cost?

The average cost of a Maldives honeymoon can range from INR 40,000 to INR 1,50,000 depending on whether you are looking for a luxury arrangement, a leisure long-stay trip with your significant other.

Is Maldives worth the money?

Yes, it is worth it. It is a stunning and unique destination, which also offers incredible services. Surely, the cost does not reflect the quality, but with the above tips, you can make it a value for money trip. Last but not least advice: you do not have to stay for many days.

How can I travel for free?

Travel Tips to See the World for Free

  1. Work Abroad in Expat-Friendly Industries. …
  2. Look for Work Exchanges. …
  3. Volunteer Long-Term With the Peace Corps. …
  4. Volunteer With Short-Term Volunteer Organizations. …
  5. Organize Your Own Volunteer Trip. …
  6. House-Sit or Pet-Sit. …
  7. Swap Houses. …
  8. Travel to ‘The Old Country’ for Free.

Is Maldives cheaper than Bali?

Thus, in terms of cost of Bali vs Maldives, the former easily wins in terms of cost efficiency and budget. While you may get a good deal during the off-season in Maldives, Bali is still cheaper. With a minimum budget of USD 40 per person per day, Bali is the more economical option.

How can I spend 10 days in Maldives?

10 Days In Maldives

  1. Maafushi Island Tour.
  2. Scuba Diving on Maafushi.
  3. Experience Maafushi’s water sports.
  4. A visit to Himmafushi Island.
  5. Fulidhoo Island Tour.
  6. Extra fun on Fulidhoo Island.
  7. Rasdhoo Island Tour.
  8. Manta Ray Diving on Rasdhoo Island.

What is the package for Maldives?

Maldives Packages

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Maldives Packages Day/Night Price
Coconut Tree Hotel Vacation Package 5 Days/4 Nights ₹29,952
Adaaran Vadoo Vacation Package 5 Days/4 Nights ₹129,878
Turquoise Hulhulmale Island Vacation Package 4 Days/3 Nights ₹27,612
Exclusive Deal South Palm Resort Vacation Package 5 Days/4 Nights ₹80,407