How big is Indian Head Lake in Michigan?

Indian Lake State Park is located on Indian Lake, the fourth largest inland lake in the Upper Peninsula with an area of 8,400 acres. It is six miles long and three miles wide.

How many acres is Indian Head Lake?

Indianhead Lake is located in Pulaski County, Arkansas. This lake is 175 acres in size.

How many acres is Indian Lake in Howard City Michigan?

About. Indian Lakes is a private lake association community of nearly 500 property owners, featuring a 250+ acre all sports lake with 7 common areas (private community parks) surrounding its winding shores.

How many acres is Montcalm Lake?

Montcalm County Lakes

1 Baldwin Lake 72 acres
65 Middle Lake 37 acres
66 Mill Pond 10 acres
67 Mitchell Lake 10 acres
68 Lake Montcalm 67 acres

How big is Clifford Lake Michigan?

Clifford Lake is located in Montcalm County, Michigan. This lake is 200 acres in size. It is approximately 45 feet deep at its deepest point.

How big is Baldwin lake Greenville MI?

(244 m.)

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How big is Bass lake in Lakeview Michigan?

Amenities include: swimming and picnicking, small boat launch area for great fishing, located on an approximately 100 acre lake. No reservations are needed to enjoy this beautiful lake.

Is Indian Lake Private?

Indian Lake is a private lake. It is a 5-mile long horseshoe, 750 acres in area with 20 miles of shoreline.

Is Indian Lake an all sports lake?

Indian Lake is a 506-acre all-sports lake between Eau Claire and Dowagiac, two hours from Chicago and less than 40 minutes from the University of Notre Dame. It is the only fully-aerated lake of its size in Michigan, generating exceptional water clarity and cleanliness.

Where is Indian Lake in Michigan?

Indian Lake is a lake in Cass County in southwestern Michigan in the United States. It is approximately 5 mi (8.0 km) west of Dowagiac. It is a spring-fed lake. The lake was named for Indians who once settled there.

Indian Lake (Cass County, Michigan)

Indian Lake
Surface elevation 751 feet (229 m)

How big is Duck Lake in Crystal MI?

With 629 surface acres of water, Duck Lake is the largest lake in Calhoun County.

How big is Crystal lake in Crystal MI?

At 9,854 acres (40 km2), it is Michigan’s ninth largest inland lake.

Crystal Lake (Benzie County, Michigan)

Crystal Lake
Max. length 8.11 miles (13 km)
Max. width 2.5 miles (4 km)
Surface area 9,854 acres (40 km2)
Average depth 70 ft (21 m)

How big is Little Bass Lake Six Lakes Michigan?

Little Bass Lake is located in Schoolcraft County, Michigan. This lake is 160 acres in size.

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