Best answer: What is difference between Indian English and American English?

Which English is used in India UK or US?

In theory, English speakers in India follow British English as specified in the Oxford or Longman English dictionaries. In practice, Indians use many words and phrases that don’t exist in British or American English.

Which English is used in India UK or US in mobile?

In India we speak British english. But now people have started speaking few words in American english. Hope it helps you.

Which English is officially used in India?

The Constitution of India designates the official language of the Government of India as Hindi written in the Devanagari script, as well as English.

Shakeel Anwar.

State Official language(s) Additional official language(s)
Himachal Pradesh Hindi English
Manipur Meitei (Manipuri) English
Meghalaya English Khasi and Garo

Is American accent different from Indian?

4 Ways these accents are different

The American accent has clear rules for syllable stress that most Indians don’t follow. People from India don’t use the correct American sounds for the letter A. Many Indian languages don’t have the /ʒ/ sound found in the words pleasure, measure or occasion.

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Is Indian English accepted?

English is also the sole official language of the Judiciary of India, unless a state governor or legislature mandates the use of a regional language, or the president has given approval for the use of regional languages in courts.

Is Indian English correct?

Originally Answered: Is Indian English a genuine dialect/accent? No, Indian English has not any genuine accent because none of us are native speakers.

Which English accent is best?

British accent has been rated as the most attractive English accent in the world, according to a new survey by the CEOWORLD magazine.

These Are The Most Attractive English Accents In The World:

Rank English Accent Score
1 British 68
2 Irish 57
3 Australian 53
4 American 51

Which English is best in world?

The Netherlands has emerged as the nation with the highest English language proficiency, according to the EF English Proficiency Index, with a score of 72. It is ahead of five other northern European nations at the top of the chart.

Which English is used in USA?

Although the United States does not have an official language, the most commonly used language is English (specifically, American English), which is the de facto national language, and the only one spoken at home by approximately 78% of the U.S. population.

What is the mother tongue of India?

Sanskrit grammar is also accepted in India’s intellectual tradition as a philosophy.

Which Indian state best speaks English?

Top 10 English Speaking States in India [Most English Speakers]

  • Arunachal Pradesh: The Government of Arunachal Pradesh has declared English as the official language of the State since many years. …
  • Meghalaya: English is an official language in Meghalaya too. …
  • Nagaland: …
  • Sikkim: …
  • Kerala: …
  • Tamil Nadu: …
  • Delhi: …
  • Goa:
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Do all Indian speak English?

12% of Indians declared that they can speak English as a second language. Thirteen languages account for more than 1% of Indian population each, and between themselves for over 95%; all of them are “scheduled languages of the constitution”.

Which country speaks English the most?

Which Countries Have the Most English Speakers?

  • United States: 268M. …
  • India: 125M. …
  • Pakistan: 94M. …
  • The Philippines: 90M. …
  • Nigeria: 79M-100M. …
  • The United Kingdom: 59.6M. …
  • The Netherlands: 15M English Speakers. …
  • Denmark: 4.8M English Speakers.