Your question: Are visitors allowed in Delhi airport?

“Visitors will be allowed inside a departure area after a long time in Terminal 3,” said an airport official, who didn’t wish to be named. He said that though visitors will be easily able to see passengers from the lounge, this wouldn’t pose a security risk because they can’t actually enter the check in area.

Is visitor entry is allowed in Delhi airport?

Meet, Greet or Send off your loved ones is a special experience at Delhi Airport as you can visit our Meet Greet area available at the Arrivals section exclusively at the Terminal 3 (T3). Charges for a visitor entry ticket is Rs. 100/person.

Can we go inside airport to drop someone?

An escort pass is very similar to a boarding pass. An airline check-in agent can issue an escort pass to someone with a government-issued photo ID who wishes to accompany a minor child or a person with a disability, age-related or not, to a departure gate.

Is Covid test mandatory for Delhi airport?

guidelines, it is mandatory to pre-book Covid-19 test for all passengers coming from the countries ‘AT-RISK’ or have visited ‘AT-RISK’ countries in the last 14 days, especially – the ones who are traveling to any of the 6 metro cities namely – Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Mumbai.

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Can I go to Delhi airport without ticket?

DIAL said the sale of entry tickets for visitors would remain suspended till further notice at the airport. NEW DELHI: Visitors cannot gain access into airport terminals to see off friends and family, as the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has barred entry in view of the “current security scenario.”

How can I get someone at Delhi airport?

Going to IGI Airport to catch a fligh / drop / receive someone. If anyone in Delhi is to go to the airport to catch a flight or to receive or drop someone there Airport Express is the best option to travel.

How do you meet someone at an airport?

If you plan to meet them inside the airport, park in short-term parking and wait outside of their terminal. Alternatively, meet them curbside if you don’t want to go inside the airport. If you aren’t able to pick your traveler up, you can schedule a ride to be ready for your arriving party when they land.

Do I have to quarantine in Delhi airport?

Unlike before, there is no quarantine in New Delhi for international travelers who are either fully vaccinated or travel with a negative RT-PCR test report uploaded on Air Suvidha.

Do we need to quarantine in Delhi airport?

If you arrive at Delhi airport and leave the airport to travel to your respective destination, as per the state’s protocol, you need to remain in home quarantine for seven days.

Is RT-PCR compulsory for domestic flights?

Thermal screening shall be conducted for all arriving passengers. There is no RT-PCR test required for Domestic travel in healthy individuals on arrival in any of the station in Gujarat State.

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How do I get an airport entry pass?


Fill up the form in CAPITAL LETTERS. Two copies of recent coloured passport size photographs- are to be pasted (Not to be stamped) in space below. All the columns must be filled up otherwise application is liable to be rejected.