Which European country has highest Hindu population?

Which European country has most Hindus?

European Countries With The Highest Number Of Hindus: 2010 To 2050

Rank Country Hindus in 2010
1 Gibraltar 1.8%
2 United Kingdom 1.4%
3 Andorra 0.5%
4 Netherlands 0.5%

Which foreign country has highest Hindu population?

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Number of Hindus in 2020 – Pew Research:

  • India – 1,093,780,000.
  • Nepal – 28,600,000.
  • Bangladesh – 13,790,000.
  • Indonesia – 4,210,000.
  • Pakistan – 3,990,000.
  • Sri Lanka – 3,090,000.
  • United States – 2,510,000.
  • Malaysia – 1,940,000.

Is Hinduism popular in Germany?

Hinduism is a minority religion in Germany. It is practised by 0.1% of the population of Germany. There are approximately 100,000 Hindus living in the country.

Is there any Hindu in Europe?

The number of Hindus in Sweden is estimated to be about 40 000, in Norway 20 000, in the Nordic Countries around 85 000, and in Europe between one and half to two million, making the Hindus one of the large religious minorities of the European continent.

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How many Hindus are in Spain?

Community. There are about 40,000-50,000 Hindus in Spain, about 25,000 from India, 5,000 from Eastern Europe and Latin America and 10,000 Spanish. There are also small communities of Hindus from Nepal (around 200) and Bangladesh (around 500). The Indian community number around 30,000, or about 0.04% of the population.

Is Hinduism growing in Italy?

Hinduism is practised by 0.3% of the people in Italy. It is practised by 0.1% of the Italian citizens and 2.9% of the immigrant population. In 2012, there were about 90,000 Hindus in Italy.


Year Percent Increase
2021 0.3% +0.1%

Was Russia a Hindu country?

The history of Hinduism in Russia dates back to at least the 16th century. When Astrakhan was conquested in 1556, the small Indian community became part of the Moscow state.

Which country has no Hindu population?

In 2010, only two countries in the world had a majority of its population as Hindus – Nepal and India. On Maritius, 48.14 percent of the population were Hindu, according to the 2015 census.

By country.

Region South Asia
Country Bhutan
Hindu total 185,700
Percentage 22.6%–25%
Total population 742,737

Was Malaysia a Hindu country?

Hinduism is the fourth largest religion in Malaysia. About 1.78 million Malaysian residents (6.3% of the total population) are Hindus, according to 2010 Census of Malaysia. This is up from 1,380,400 (6.2% of the total population) in 2000.

By state or federal territory.

Year Pop. ±%
2011 1,777,694 +28.8%

What are the top 3 religions in Germany?

Religion in Germany

  • Religion in Germany (2020) Christianity (54.0%) Irreligion (40.1%) Islam (5.0%) Buddhism (0.2%) Judaism (0.1%) …
  • Religion in Germany (2020 Estimation using official church membership data) Unaffiliated (40.7%) Catholic Church (26.7%) Evangelical Church (24.3%) Islam (3.5%) Orthodox Christianity (1.9%)
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How many Hindus are there in Switzerland?

In 2017, Hindus constituted 0.6% of the population of Switzerland. There are about 50,000 Hindus in Switzerland.

How many Hindu temples are in France?

We can find 14 mandirs in France. The majority of these mandirs are located in Paris.

Is Hinduism increasing in UK?

Hinduism is the third largest religious group in the United Kingdom, after Christianity and Islam; the religion is followed by nearly 1.5% of the total population of the nation.

Hinduism in the United Kingdom.

Year Percent Increase
2017 1.60% +0.23%

How many Hindus are there in Denmark?

Hindus in diaspora of Sri Lankan or Indian origin make up the most significant proportion of Hindus in Denmark, numbering approximately 18,000–19,000 individuals out of a total population of 5.7 million in 2017.

Was Saudi Arabia a Hindu country?

Hinduism is the 3rd largest religion in Saudi Arabia, followed by nearly 1.3% of total population residing in the nation. As of 2020, there were nearly 451,347 Hindus residing in Saudi Arabia, among whom most of them were from Indians and Nepalis.


Year Pop. ±%
2020 451,347 +49.6%