Question: Where is India’s best tea grown?

Assam, located in India’s remote northeast, is the largest tea producing region in the country. Mostly grown in the Brahmaputra Valley, malty Assamese tea is brightly colored. Jorhat, in the central part of the valley, is often referred to as the “Tea Capital of the World”.

Where is the best quality tea grown in India?

Top 5 Tea Producing Regions in India

  • ASSAM. Assam is bestowed with nature’s grace and right amount of rainfall and that is why, it has become a special place for tea cultivation. …
  • DARJEELING. In the foothills of Himalayas, world’s exquisite blend is produced in the region of Darjeeling. …
  • MUNNAR. …
  • KANGRA. …

Where is most tea grown in India?

Tea production in West Bengal was approximately 25 million kilograms in March 2021, the highest to any other region in the country. Assam came second that year with close to 20 million kilograms. A total of 1.28 billion kilograms of tea was produced in the country in financial year 2021.

Which Indian state has the best tea?

Top 10 Tea Producing States in India [States with Highest Tea…

  • Assam: Assam is the top producer of tea in India. …
  • West Bengal: West Bengal is on the second position in the list of top states in India based on tea production. …
  • Tamil Nadu: …
  • Kerala: …
  • Karnataka: …
  • Tripura: …
  • Arunachal Pradesh: …
  • Himachal Pradesh:
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Which city is famous for tea in India?

Jorhat is known as the Tea Capital of the World and this small city has been the main centre of tea cultivation in the state. A visit to Assam is certainly incomplete without visiting a tea estate and adjoining factory.

Which state has the best tea?

Assam produces the largest volume of tea in India,Assam Tea is known for its body,bright color rich flavor and aroma. Tea estates of Assam are world’s largest tea growing region, grown in the lowlands of Assam in the valley of the Brahmaputra river.

Which is the biggest tea garden in India?

Monabarie Tea Estate at Biswanath District of Assam is Asia’s Largest Tea Estate.

Which country produces most tea?

Today tea is cultivated all over the world, primarily in Asia and Africa, however it’s commercially produced by more than 60 countries.


Rank Country Metric tonnes of tea produced per annum
1 China 2,400,000
2 India 900,000
3 Kenya 305,000
4 Sri Lanka 300,000

Did the British get tea from India?

It was a great success, production was expanded, and by 1888 British tea imports from India were for the first time greater than those from China.

Which state is called Tea Garden of India?

Assam tea

Type Black
Other names NA
Origin Assam, India
Quick description Brisk and malty with a bright colour.