How many types of driving license are there in India?

There are four different types of driving licences in India, which any adult citizen can apply for, as per the individual requirements.

How many types of license are there?

There are generally four types of driving licenses in India. Now we will discuss all of these licenses. first of all, you must understand that types of driving license and types of vehicles are two different things.

What is LMV and MCWG?

LMV means Light Motor Vehicle while MCWG means Motorcycle With Gear.

What is difference between LMV and LMV-NT?

Light Motor Vehicle – Non Transport (LMV-NT) is a licence category in India. LMV licence is used to drive light motor vehicles such as cars, jeeps, small vans for personal purposes, but not for commercial transportation.

Can I drive car with LMV-NT?

About LMV-NT. LMV (n/t) or LMV-NT include any hatchback, sedan, SUV, etc with a white background with black text Licence plate on the vehicle, is allowed under this driving licence category. Both geared & non-geared motorcycles are allowed under this category.

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What are the classes of driving licence?

NTSA Driving License Categories, requirements and fees

  • Category A. AM (Moped) …
  • Category B. B1 (Light Vehicle Automatic) …
  • Category C. C1 (Light Truck) …
  • Category D. D1 (Van) …
  • Category E. Age: 21 – 65 years (Licensed as EC1, EC, ECE, ED, ED1, ED2 and ECD3) …
  • Category F (Persons with Disability) …
  • Category G.

Which license is required for JCB in India?

As per Current rules, JCB, the Heavy Construction Equipment is listed under Heavy Motor Vehicle (LMV) class of Vehicles. A holder of LMV licence can drive all on road vehicles which have gross laden weight (GVW) or regd.

What is M C with gear?

Driving License Categories in India

License Class Vehicle Type
MC With Gear or M/CYCL.WG All motorcycles even with gear
MGV For medium goods vehicle
LMV Light motor vehicles including motorcars, jeeps, taxis, delivery vans
HMV Heavy Motor Vehicles

Is Activa MCWG or Mcwog?

MCWG means Motor Cycle With Gear. MCWOG means Motor Cycle Without Gear. As Activa does not have manual gears, it will be considered as MCWOG. Honda Activa is a MCWOG vehicle.

Can I take Activa for MCWG test?

Can I take driving test of MCWG using Activa? Generally, you cannot drive Activa (gearless) in test for MCWG License. You need to take test with geared bike.

What means HGV?

Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) is an older term and Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) is a newer EU term.

What is LMV TT?

driver of the offending vehicle was having a LMV-TT (Light Motor Vehicle with Tractor- Trolley) licence and thus … Trolley can be made only after obtaining licence of LMV and the holder of LMV licence can drive any LMV.

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What is non transport?

Transport Vehicle Non-Transport Vehicle (i) Motor cycle with side car for carrying goods. (ii) Motor cycle with trailer to carry goods. (iii) Motor cycle used for hire to carry one passenger on pillion and motorised cycle-rickshaw for goods or passengers on hire.

What is called LMV?

LMV: Light Motor Vehicle

The full form of LMV is Light Motor Vehicle. It is an abbreviation used by RTO in India to indicate that the holder of the license is allowed to drive a private (vehicle with white number plate and black letters) 4 wheeler like auto-rickshaws, motor cars, jeeps etc.

What is the meaning of LTV licence?

LTV. Light transport vehicle driving license is valid for commercial car-taxi , jeep , Mini bus and lightweight transport.

Is tractor included in LMV?

The Delhi High Court has reiterated that a licence issued to drive Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) includes authorization to drive transport vehicle (commercial vehicle), including a tractor, and what matters is that the gross vehicle weight or the unladen weight of the vehicle should not exceed 7,500 kg.