How do you identify an Indian arrowhead?

What arrowheads are worth money?

While Clovis arrowheads are the most valuable points you can come across, they are not the oldest. Clovis arrowheads range between 12,000 to 13,000 years old.

What are the different types of Indian arrowheads?

Ten basic categories for overall shape exist: triangle (Starr), leaf (Nolan), articulate (Pelican), lanceolate (Frazier), stemmed (Alachua), contracting stem (Datil), notched (Carter), side notched (Klunk), basal notched (Ytais) and corner notched (Mackinaw).

How do you identify arrowheads and other Indian artifacts?

Walk creeks and look for unnatural colored rocks and shapes. In some cases, natives used non-local stone like obsidian, which makes the points stand out. Flowing water sifts gravel into different sizes along gravel bars. Look for points in gravel bars where rocks are similar in size to the points you’re hoping to find.

How do you know if you have an Indian artifact?

If the shape of the item looks like it has been altered for human use, it may be an Indian artifact. Examine the material of the item to compare to known Indian tribes or commonly used materials from the area of the previous inhabitants.

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How can I tell if my arrowhead is real?

Examine the surface of the arrowhead. Authentic arrowheads feature flake scars where pieces of the rock were hit away. These scars are normally curved; however, if the arrowhead is very old, these scars may be smoothed over. If this is the case, examine the surface of the arrowhead with a magnifying glass.

How do I know what kind of arrowheads I have?

If it’s stemmed, check the condition of the stem. In case it’s stemless, see if it’s fluted or not. If it’s scored, determine if it’s indented in the side or from the corner. The area and the configuration of the pointed arrowhead are sufficient to limit your options to just 12 potential types.

Where can I find arrowheads in the woods?

Arrowheads are made out of stone, so they tend to move along the bottom of the river just like other rocks and gravel. Spend time looking for arrowheads in the gravel bars and other rocky areas. Look along the water line as well as just inside the water line.

How can you tell how old an arrowhead is?

You can date an arrowhead by looking at the arrowhead’s design or using technology to measure the date. Sometimes, you can look at how an arrowhead was made and tell how old it is. Other times, archeological methods such as radiocarbon dating are necessary to date arrowheads.

What is a Clovis arrowhead?

Clovis arrowheads are approximately 1-6 inches long and 3-4 centimeters wide. Clovis arrowheads have concave base and convex sides. The broadest areas for Clovis arrowheads are situated either in the near midsection or toward the base of the point. Clovis arrowheads are usually crafted out of stone or chert.

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Where are most arrowheads found?

Lakes, ponds, shallow creeks, and rivers that offered clean, pure water are a great place to find arrowheads. Spring-fed lakes, ponds, and rivers had a consistent flow and never stagnated.

What does it mean if you find an arrowhead?

The arrowhead has been around much longer, dating back to the Stone Age and has been found all over the world. Native Americans believe an arrowhead represents a symbol of protection and strength. An arrowhead also acts as a symbol of courage.

How many different types of arrowheads are there?

There are various kinds of arrowheads designed by the Native Americans. Around 1,200 types have been recorded to date. The identification of these arrowheads would let you learn more about the history and way of life of the people who made and used them, which could have dated back thousands of years ago.

How do you identify Indian pottery shards?

Pots made from lining baskets with clay have a distinctive texture to the outside of the shard. Indentations left from fibers and woven basket designs show up on some shards. Examine the decoration on the outside of the shard. Look for designs in different colors and if there was a glaze used.

How do you identify Native American artifacts?

For authentication services, contact an artifact consultant or authenticator. Most will supply you with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) after an item is authenticated. We recommend using authenticators from the same region the artifact was found.

Can you sell Indian arrowheads?

Q: Is it legal to buy and sell Native American artifacts? A: Yes, as long as the items were found in accordance with state and federal laws, they are completely legal to buy, sell, and trade.

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