How can I complain to Delhi Jal Board?

How can I write a complaint letter to Delhi Jal Board?

For sewer problems, water problems, water bills, and other complaints:

  1. You can contact 1916 / 1800117118.
  2. You can also mail to
  3. Complaint can be registered through DJB WhatsApp Number: 9650291021.

Who is CEO of Delhi Jal Board?

Delhi Jal Board

S.No. Name Designation
1. Sh. Udit Prakash Rai, IAS (AGMUT: 2007) Chief Executive Officer
2. Sh. Secy. to CEO
3. Sh. Anoop Ghai P.S to CEO
4. Sh.Yatendra Kumar P.A to CEO

How can I check my complaint status in Delhi Jal Board?

For complaints redressal, kindly call our 24X7 Customer Care Center at Toll Free number 1916 from any mobile or landline number. After registering complaint, You will receive a Complaint Reference number through SMS from DJB for future tracking of the complaint.

What is the email address of Delhi?

Delhi Jal Board

S.No. Designation Email Addresses
9. Chief Engineer(West & NW)
10. Chief Engineer(South)
11. Chief Engineer(CN)
12. C.E. SDW (N/W)
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How do you write a letter to the Jal Board?

Respected Sir, Through this letter, I want to draw your kind attention towards no supply of Delhi Jal Board (DJB) water in my area “Pratap Nagar, Saboli”. We are not getting proper supply of water for last six months. The residents of this area are facing acute scarcity of water.

How do you write a formal letter format?

Formal Letter Format

  1. Sender’s address.
  2. Date.
  3. Name / Designation of Addressee.
  4. Address of the Addressee.
  5. Salutation.
  6. Subject.
  7. Body – Introduction, Content, Conclusion.
  8. Complimentary Close.

What is Zro location in Delhi Jal Board?

Delhi Jal Board

S.No Title Area
9 ZRO NE-III GANDHI NAGAR Model (1) 61_NE-III+Gandhi+Nagar+_4_.pdf English
10 KRISHNA NAGAR Model (1) KRISHNA NAGAR Model (1).pdf English
11 VISHWAS NAGAR Model (1) 59_E-II+Vishwas+Nagar_2_.pdf English
12 LAXMI NAGAR Model (1) 58_E-I+Laxmi+Nagar_3_.pdf English

Who is the vice chairman of Delhi Jal Board?

Delhi Jal Board vice-chairman Raghav Chadha said that no serious symptoms have surfaced yet but as a precautionary measure he is practising …

What is mutation in Delhi Jal Board?

Delhi, Competent Authority of Delhi Jal Board has approved implementation of. Auto-Mutation of Consumer name in water / sewer connections from the seller to buyer (Online) and delivery of bill within 03 days with immediate effect on registration of Sale Deed of property at Sub-Registrar Office.

How many units are free in Delhi Jal Board?

The Delhi government’s flagship scheme, under which 20,000 litres of water is provided free of cost, was launched in 2013. A consumer is charged the entire amount only if the water consumption crosses the 20 kilolitres mark.

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Where can I complain about water logging in Delhi?

NEW DELHI: The Public Works Department (PWD) of Delhi has asked people to report waterlogging issues to its helpline numbers 011-23490323 and 1800-11-0093, officials said.

How can I complain to CM in Delhi?

Within Seconds, Your Suggestions will reach to Delhi Government. is the Easiest way to contact Delhi Chief Minister and Delhi Government. If you have any Creative Idea / Suggestion for Delhi Development, Good Governance, Better Policies or Other State Issues.

Is there any DM in Delhi?

There are eleven administrative or revenue districts in Delhi. Each of these district is headed by a District Magistrate (DM) also called Deputy Commissioner (DC), who reports to the Divisional Commissioner of Delhi.

List of Municipalities in Delhi.

Municipality Jurisdiction
Delhi Cantonment Board Delhi Cantonment area